About Us

Professional sport now enjoys a truly global following. Utilising new and emerging technologies, Fantastec aims to enable ever richer, more rewarding fan experiences.

Only 0.5% of the annual English Premier League audience experience a match from a stadium seat. Yet billions of fans the world over follow the action, the characters and the stories.

Through technologies like OTT VOD, virtual and augmented reality, wearable tech, A.I. and the Blockchain, Fantastec is developing products, platforms and experiences which enable globally distanced fans to connect and engage more deeply with the sport they love.

How we Innovate


We are a collective of software engineers, creative pioneers and data scientists who have delivered world-class experiences in sports and digital media. Our fan and sector insights inspire technology-led products, platforms and service-led experiences.


We identify, incubate and accelerate technology based start-ups to create disruptive sport concepts for global sports fans.


With decades of sports marketing experience and envied connectivity in the sector, we work side-by-side with high profile sports leagues, teams and digital platforms to ensure the best exposure and access to our ideas by global fan communities.

Collect and discover official football collectibles authenticated on the Blockchain. Acquire rare collectibles in packs, and create your own global network of friends to swap with complete trust. Complete club collections for real rewards and experiences with participating clubs.

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Imagine if...

... A drone had sense and avoid technology that enabled it to safely zip between the cars on an F1 track, capturing the ultimate slow motion overtakes, without danger or distraction to the drivers.

Imagine if...

... Football clubs used wearable tech to select its teams not only based on its players physical performance in training, but on their mental preparedness.

Imagine if...

... An A.I. chatbot who’s deep learning was so in touch with sport that it could serve up a series of informed opinions about any game, player or tournament you asked of it. Bet you’d have fun with that.

Imagine if...

... Sports fans trusted their identity to the Blockchain, linked it to a cryptocurrency, and never had to show a ticket again to gain entry.

Imagine if...

... Live match feeds were not monopolised by big organisations, but shared by many in any language you want, at a price you can afford.

Imagine if...

... You could be transported to an iconic moment in sport history and experience the action play out around you in a virtual world so immersive, your brain can’t tell what’s real.

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